Why Corporate Yoga?

Have you ever wondered if your employees, colleagues and peers are really happy and content with what they are doing? If not, then allow me to throw some light on the current happiness meter of Indian employees. A survey was done by “a global community of domain experts” offering insights in enhancing work cultures.) of 1,360 Indian employees working in different organisations across sectors and locations which revealed that 59% are unhappy at work. According to this more than half of your employees do not feel happy and satisfied with their work. Moreover, this survey doesn’t even talk about the employees who were so annoyed with the job that they didn’t feel the need to feel a survey like this. While most corporate companies believe that it’s the salary and position that drives a person to come to a job, which might even be true but here are some neglected facts which conclude to an unhappy employee at work.


Key Points

Lack of Self Awareness

Most employees function unconsciously at work just waiting for their next order which later made them feel like they do not have a choice.

Bad Eating Habits

Generally people are not given any education on nutrition and how to have balanced meals which results in bad eating habits especially when the workload increases, giving sensory pleasure is the only escape.

People and Politics

If there are more than 2 people in the room, you involuntarily get involved in the politics.

Toxic Relationship With Self

They fail to understand their natural way of connecting and communicating which leads to superficial relationships with peers.

Attachments but no involvement

After working for many years, employees get attached to their designation, name, etc. but reduce the amount of enthusiasm and involvement in daily work life.


When getting appraisals and salary hikes is the only motivation, employees lack purpose behind the daily actions they perform at work. Not finding satisfaction in what is and always wanting more eventually leave them in the sunken feeling of lack.

Lack of Trust

Trust is built by time but how to gain trust when employees’re getting fired and being changed.

Material Desires

The desire for materialistic things is never-ending, if you own a 2BHK flat, you would want another one in the name of future investment and no salary can satisfy this mindset.


Customized Wellness Programs

All the above points show that workplace happiness is a combination of workplace-specific factors and psychological factors.

How Yoga Can Help Eradicate Modern Workplace Problems?

Yoga is a science which such ancient and proven techniques that have helped billions of people to align their bodies, and minds. emotions and energies in such a way that their natural way of living becomes effortless and improves productivity, removes negative mindsets, and develops a passion for monotonous and menial jobs in the workplace.

Let me give you some examples

One of the Niyama in Yoga is Santosh which means contentment with what you are, what you have, and what you do. If this is explained in an interesting way in a philosophy class with instructions on how to practice this daily. I am sure, most of the employees would change their perspective toward material desire and find fulfillment in whatever work they are supposed to do.

Another reason to do Asana in yoga is that today the amount of information our process is unimaginable and if your body’s physical activity doesn’t match your brain’s activity, it creates energy block which in turn becomes emotional imbalances that never get addressed.

Similarly, each and every aspect of yogic practices have something to offer and we want to break it down according to the need of your employees and provide them with the right practice at the right time to make a better work-life balance.

*We Know You Want to Improve*

While companies are ready to work on workplace-specific factors, they tend to ignore the psychological factors as it’s always understood that everyone is responsible for what goes in their head.

But times have changed, and the work culture is more dynamic and ever-evolving, to gauge this modern way of working while taking care of one’s family employees’ own well-being gets neglected which ultimately affects their performance and results at work.

Hence, the mental and physical well-being of an employee is an imperative concern for any company that wishes to maintain its growth rate without wanting its employees to suicide.

Now, realizing this many MNCs have got personal trainers and mental health experts on their premises but after a few months, you will find that those trainers and mental health experts need a psychiatrist as they are surrounded by too many analytical minds which takes a toll on their life and they fail to maintain a personal healthy lifestyle.

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